Community Pot is a wellness food business. We believe food should be medicine, so that you do not eat medicine like it is food. We formulate meals for over two years now and we have had great success in the market.

What inspired the idea?

My journey, then ending up with children, was accidental. But my own journey was inspired by the idea of food as medicine.

Tell us what you mean by your personal journey?

I grew up being very sickly. I would just palpitate with no reason for it. Also, I grew up in a white garment church and they thought I was ogbanje, so they kept beating me. However, that didn’t change anything and they said things like, on the day of my wedding I was going to go back. I fell sick every month and when I was sick, people didn’t have sympathy for me. I couldn’t go out with my mates; if I walked a few steps, I would have to sit down. When I got into secondary school, it was the first time I would be attending a public school, and as I was returning from the very first day, it started again. I started palpitating. Then, I saw a woman selling garlic across the road; I don’t know where the idea came from but I went to her and bought and ate it. And it stopped instantly, like magic.

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