There are three Point of sale categories for these products; Tea ranges, Tea cafe and Tea Culture.

Our Herbal  Tea

12 Tea Ranges

There are 12 varieties of tastes, flavours, and potential health benefits.

Bulk Buying

Tea Café

The perfect way to unwind and enjoy a cup of something special

Healthy Lifestyle

Tea Culture

Our tea culture initiative is dedicated to fostering a vibrant culture and promoting healthy habits

Tea Culture – Healthy Lifestyle

Join us to create a culture that will he ensure you stay healthy

We are on a Mission to

Elevate your Health

WholeEats Africa is a wellness food innovation organisation with the vision of providing food solutions that bridge the well-being gap using whole food solutions. Our wellness and food innovation business start-up story is inspired by real, personal life experiences of the ill effects of nutrient deficiency

Registration form  – Tea Culture

Fill the form below to join the tea culture challenge. Change your life style | Stay healthy

Customer Reviews

Mrs. Adesoye  Adekolajo

So I want the toddler combo for weight gain 2 sets, I introduced it to my friend and even my brother. He will also reach out to you for his own package.



Mrs. Ojutalayo Wuraola 

I should be placing an order soon. He’s about to finish the last one




Mrs. Akinola Opeyemi

I love the fact that there is no shaft  again in the pap and they taste really nice and creamy.The pap is quite sweet…



Mrs. Anita Ifeoma

Oh they are perfect,thank you very much



Mrs. Ojutalayo Wuraola

I should be placing an order soon. He’s about to finish the last one.




I’m still on my tea and my system is stabilizing. I have no urgent urge to urinate and I can retain urine in my bladder but I am not making it a habit to retain urine. I pass it out at the earliest opportunity.


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